Event Notice 4 – A message from Stephen / COVID-19 / 17 March 2020

Following on from Kitty’s message, as the responsible Lions Project Event Manager, the decision to not hold the 5 April Sunday Event is based on the following assessed risks:

  • With an expected last week surge based on feedback, we may have reached 400+ people attending the event (entrants & visitors/family/sponsors).
  • We could not guarantee that we would have available suitable hygiene facilities (Handwashing, hand sanitisers (not available, 4 week back order…) etc)
  • Risks associated with social distancing; staying at home when you are unwell; avoiding large public gatherings if they’re not essential; keeping a distance of 1.5 m between you and other people whenever possible; minimising physical contact, especially with people at higher risk such as older people and people with existing health conditions.
  • We are aware that some GP’s are advising patients not to attend any public gathering.
  • The majority of our 500m shufflers are high risk elderly
  • Most of our Person with Parkinson’s (PwP) fall into the high-risk categories of serious infection as they are:
    • people with compromised immune systems
    • elderly people
    • people with diagnosed chronic medical conditions
    • people in group residential settings.
  • Ability to control entry.
  • Lack of a suitable location if someone does not feel well.
  • Potential risk with food handling.
  • Entrants not able to make the event on 5 April due to family issues associated with COVID-19.

The risk assessment identified a medium-high risk for a non-essential event.

As Kitty mentioned above this was not an easy decision to make.

What was the alternative?

Cancelation – after 18 months of work – this was not an option. ☹

Postponement- yes, but when? and then we miss the April connection with Parkinson Disease ☹

Go Full Virtual – YES 😊

As we already have the technical infrastructure in place for a virtual event (13 entrants at 17 March 2020), closed down one event and extend the other event.

Extend the virtual close date to 30 April.

Now the virtual event coincides with World Parkinsons Month (April) and World Parkinson Day (11 April)

 On On Stephen The Parky Park Runner