Our Virtual Champions

A Shuffle4Parkinsons virtual experience


For Jo Dynon and family, shuffle4parkinsons was an extra special fun event. Jo’s Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson s  in 2005. Was not able to visit Dad thanks to COVID-19. So the family took on the shuffle4parkisnosn challenge and enjoyed each others company. Look out for the rainbows!


The Clarke family conquers  shuffle4parkinsons

Amanda, Sonya and Jaime

John climbs Beechmont for shuffle4parkinsons

My Dad had Parkinson’s (Ruth)

My Dad had Parkinson’s…

Registered / Paid on a Wednesday, completed the 5k event on Thursday.

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in something helpful” 


Dynon family shaking up Shuffle4Parkinsons

Hi Stephen,

 Just wanted to pop by and say thanks guys for a fun event – I’m sorry you didn’t get to have the big event you were hoping for, but know you helped our family and I’m sure many like it.

 My dad was diagnosed with parky in 2005, and up until January had been on my parents farm. The last 18 months have been tough for mum and dad. After an unrelated health complication he ended up in hospital, and has been in care since.

After many regular visits with my kids, we can’t go visit him right now (they’re in NSW, they’re in ACT), so this event was extra special for our family. We miss our Papa.

 Enjoy each other’s company, and look for the rainbows.

 Much love

Jo Dynon and family

Super Steph runs for Parkinson’s

Hi Stephen,

While I’ve being doing a lot of kms running and walking…I wanted to dedicate this run for your Shuffle for Parkinson’s event.

I hope to be able to come catch up with both of you soon, maybe meet your daughter who has helped you create an amazing event later in the year and we can do a parkrun when they are back on.


Team Kara

We completed our walk this morning in memory of my grandfather 💜



Awesome effort in every aspect, thanks for supporting shuffle4parkinsons with $1226 in donations 💜💜💜💜💜 5 purple parky hearts for you. 🙂 cheers Stephen