About Us

Kittys words…Coming soon WIP…


Three Years of Pause 4 Parkinson’s Fundraising.  This is our biggest event challenge to date.


How We Got Started

Kitty started her first Parkinsons fundraiser ‘Pedal 4 Parkinsons’. Raising  $   tba.


Our First Fun Run/Walk/Shuffle

This event is the largest one we have set ourselves with a target to raise $10,000 for Shake it Up Australia Foundation and $4,000 for the Lions Medical Research Foundation.

$ Donated

Kitty has raised a total of $


Event Management

Kitty Flower

Shuffle 4 Parkinsons – Event Coordinator – 

m: 0431 655 569

e: kathleen_synot@hotmail.com


Lion Stephen Duffield

Shuffle 4 Parkinsons – Event Management – A Project of the lions Club Cabarita Pottsville Beach

m: 0421 052 135

e: stephen@shuffle4parkinsons.com


Why Purple?

The colours of Parkinson’s Disease are typically purple, silver/grey & Orange. You will see I have tried to use a mix, although I may use purple more, as “The colour purple symbolizes mystery, and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are indeed mysterious disease’s.